Posted by: david | January 22, 2006

WordPress Resources

WordPress Resources“, list all useful things for WP user, original from Lorelle on WordPress.


  1. David, please highlight a section of this post with a link back to the site as an excerpt and do not copy the entire thing. Even with the “original” credit at the top, this violates copyright laws.

    Thanks for the link, but let’s keep safe from content thieves. Thanks.

  2. Ah, I didn’t realize this was your first post, so this isn’t a good welcome. Sorry.

    You are very welcome to and I know that the first thing you want to do is create a reference for yourself and others on the resources available to WordPress users and fans, but all you need to do is link to the post and people will follow the bread crumbs, especially if you brag about how much the post helped you.

    There is a lot you can do with your blog and we are all excited to have you join us. Let’s get off on the right foot with a better welcome and hope for exciting stories and information on your blog.

    Good luck.

    And again, my apologizes for this being your first comments. Enjoy!

  3. hi VanFossen,

    I should thank you for your works first.

    I’m new to WP, just setup a new blog on and do some test. Sorry for inconvenience bring to you. I will correct it.

    You are always welcome.

  4. I’m glad I didn’t offend you, and thanks for the kind words.

    It is the “law” to not copy someone else’s work, not a or WordPress policy. So I frequently look for people copying my work and try to put a stop to it, and help them understand that they are doing something that is wrong.

    And as I said, we all look forward to reading the brilliant things you write, and hopefully, they will be brilliant enough that everyone will read them, and no one will copy or steal them. ;-) Welcome to the world of the web.

    Good luck and go for it! We expect great things.

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